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Jenny Lynn Figure Olympia

Jenny Lynn - Figure Olympia Winner 2006-2007

Name: Jennifer Sonia Lynn
Born: January 22, 1972, Petaluma, California
Height: 5'5"
Contest Weight: 126
Off Season Weight: 135

Official Websie: jennylynnfitness.com


Thinking back, I have always been a competitive individual as well as having a tendency for searching for the spot light, so to speak.  

As a child, I recall doing talent shows consisting of singing and dance routines, charging my family to watch, of course! Later in life, when I was in high school, I was a cheerleader and competed on a national level.  

After high school, I began teaching aerobics and within a year was involved in competitive aerobics.   At about that time in my life I began weight training and was amazed at the way my body had the tendency to put on muscle.

I continued weight training and teaching aerobics for several years before giving fitness competitions a try. I entered my first competition with the thought of doing one local level show... who knew?! 

I competed in the NPC for 1 year and turned pro the following year in the summer of 2001 by winning the overall of the NPC USA Fitness Championships.  The physique rounds have always been my stronger rounds so competing in Pro Fitness was a challenge given my lack of formal dance and gymnastics training. 

Fortunately for me, 2003 was the first year of Pro figure in the IFBB. Without routines to injure myself or worry about I got to soley focus on my physique which has been a lot of fun!!! In 2003, 2004 and 2005 I won the Figure International at the Arnold Classic. 

And then... I finally did it... In 2006-2007, I won the Figure Olympia!!! I couldn’t be more thrilled and am also pretty happy to get a nice big break now to let me body heal and recover from the beating it took preparing for the show.

2009 IFBB Figure Olympia - 7th
2009 IFBB Europa - 1st
2009 IFBB Jacksonville Pro - 3rd
2008 IFBB Figure Olympia - 4th
2007 IFBB Figure Olympia - 1st
2006 IFBB Figure Olympia - 1st
2006 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure - 1st
2006 IFBB Colorado Pro Championships - 2nd
2005 IFBB San Francisco Pro Figure - 1st
2005 IFBB Sacramento Pro Figure - 1st
2005 IFBB Figure Olympia - 2nd
2005 IFBB Figure International - 1st
2004 IFBB Show of Strength Pro Figure - 1st
2004 IFBB Figure Olympia - 2nd
2004 IFBB Figure International - 1st
2003 IFBB Show of Strength Pro Figure - 1st
2003 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure - 1st
2003 IFBB Figure Olympia - 3rd
2003 IFBB Night of Champions, Figure - 2nd
2003 IFBB Figure International - 1st
2002 IFBB Arnold Classic & International - 12th
2002 IFBB New York Pro Fitness - 5th
2002 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Fitness - 7th
2002 IFBB GNC Show Of Strength - 5th




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Jenny Lynn

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