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Saryn Muldrow

Saryn MuldrowName: Saryn Muldrow

Representing Denmark. Saryn decided to retire prior to the contract signing of the 1999 Fitness Olympia stating the emphasis on gymnastics is too much, and her back never healed properly. Saryn has no regrets in her decision, but it was time to move on and invest her time in other pursuits.

1998 Fitness Olympia - 4th
1998 Czech Pro Fitness - 1st
1998 Fitness International - 3rd
1997 Fitness Olympia - 2nd
1997 Denmark Pro Fitness - 1st
1996 Fitness Olympia - 1st
1996 Women's World Pro Fitness - 3rd
1995 Fitness Olympia - 3rd 
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