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Linda Cusmano

Certified Triple Elite Personal Trainer, choreographer, Triple Pro Natural Fitness, Pro Natural Figure and Bodybuilding Competitor, Fitness Model, Actress, Fitness Writer and Consultant. Aside from her Personal Training, seminars, workshops and Fitness Contests Linda also contributes articles for publications both online as well magazines. Linda’s specialties lie in Post Rehab (especially neck and back), Plyometics and Sport Specific training (all sports plus bodybuilding, fitness, figure) and Fat loss.

Continually updated with professional workshops and credits.

Fully updated in Fitness First Aid, CPR C

ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)
Health and Fitness Certificate Fully updated.

BCRPA (British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association)
Personal Training Specialty Module Fully updated
Curtis Group, completed November 1995

BFL Certificate/ Strength Training/Personal Training
BCRPA Strength Training Ice, completed October 1995

Ace (American Council on Exercise) Certified August 1995
Fully updated

CAIA Certified March 1995
Renew May 1999 then became part o ACSM

Weight Training Level 2
YWCA completed, December 1994.

Weight Training Level 1
Douglas College, CFES course, completed October 1994.

Fitness Theory/ BCRPA Fitness Theory Exam
Douglas College, CFES course, completed September 1994.

Client Services Training
UIC, Federal Government Canada, completed August 1993

Photos courtesy of Linda Cusmano
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Please view Linda’s web sites for further detail on any item enclosed as well as photos:

November 18th, 2006 7th placed Figure SWFC
November 18th, 2006 placed 13th Fitness SWFC
April 1st 2006 2nd place Lightweight Bodybuilding FAME WEST
April 1st 2006 1st place Pairs Bodybuilding FAME WEST
2005 off for a break
July 30th, 2004 1st place Vegas World Pro Women’s Tri Fitness Event - Fitness Short 30-34
July 30th, 2004 12th place Vegas World Pro Women’s Tri Fitness Event - Fitness overall
July 30th, 2004, 17th place Vegas World Pro Women’s Tri Fitness Event - Tri-fitness overall
May 30th, 2004 3rd place Obstacle Course Challenge FAME World Event
May 29th, 2004 Fitness Canada Pageant 17th place and TSN feature athlete
May 29th, 2004 FAME Figure 7th place
May 29th 2004 FAME Fitness Model 250 competitors – not sure of placing, not top 20
April 23rd, 2004 Emerald Cup Fitness Short 11th place
April 23rd, 2004 Emerald Cup Figure Medium 12th place (wrong class, should have been Figure short, could’ve affected placing)
2003 off due to family death
Sept 21st 2002 World Pro Ms. Exercise WNBF 3rd place (fractured foot)
Sept 21st 2002 Amateur Figure WNBF 4th place (fractured foot)
Sept 7th 2002 FVF Strength Competition 4th place (non drug tested) (fractured foot)
July 20th 2002 TSN Fitness Canada Pageant 17th place (fractured foot)
July 19th 2002 ESPN series One 4th place Fitness (fractured foot)
Nov 4th, 2001 4th Place Natures Best Natural Pro Ms. Exercise
April 21st 2001, 4th place short class Bodybuilding ANBC Western Canadians
April 21st 2001, 2nd place Fitness ANBC Western Canadians
April 7th, 2001 4th Place Lightweight Novice Bodybuilding CNBF Western Canadians
May 2000 Place 21st in the Fitness Universe
November 13, 1999 Competed, Placed 1st in Ms. Fitness CNBF Western Naturals (pro card) (pulled groin)
August 21, 1999 Music problems did not compete for prejudge forfeiting 45% or score, Achieved Honorable Mention in Fitness Canada and invited to Fitness America, ESPN National Finals, and Fitness Universe Pageant and 6th place.
July 10, 1999 Placed 4th in Ms. Fitness Gold’s Naturals Provincial
June 19, 1999 Placed 1st in Ms. Fitness Model Nationals
June 19, 1999 Placed 1st in Ms. Fitness Nationals
June 19, 1999 Placed 1st in Ms. Figure Nationals
May 8, 1999 Placed top 5 in Ms. Fitness Muscle Mania
Apr 16, 1999 Placed top 10 in Washington’s Ms. Fitness Emerald Cup
Apr 2, 1999 Placed top 10 in Washington’s Ms. Fitness Vancouver
Mar 6, 1999 Placed 2nd in California’s Ms. Fitness Inland Empire
Mar 6, 1999 Placed 2nd in California’s Ms. Figure Inland Empire
May 2, 1998 Placed top 10 in the BC Provincial Ms. Fitness Championships
April 25, 1998 3rd Placed in the Prince George Pro Lab Classic Ms. Fitness Championships
April 18, 1998 2nd Placed in Victoria Gator’s Classic Ms. Fitness Championships
1997 off due to ACL reconstruction and meniscus.
April 27, 1996 3rd Placed in BC Provincial Ms. Fitness Championship



Vancouver Echo Sept 30/98 Hyperactive
"Pumped" "Fitness Champion Sets Her Sites on BC Crown"

North Shore News Oct 19/98
Sunshine Girl

North Shore News Dec 21/98
Sunshine Girl

Oxygen Fitness Magazine March/April 99
'Future of Fitness' section

The Commercial Drive Newspaper Feb 99
Training information article.

The Commercial Drive Newspaper Apr 99
Training information article.

Oxygen Fitness Magazine
January/February 2000

Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine
Feb 2000

Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine
April 2000

2001 – 2002 appeared in Sport & Fitness, Planet Muscle, On Fitness, Energy Magazine, local print, Ms. Fitness, Oxygen, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness, and several others. Linda was featured in various Dutch, Italian and Argentinean publications.

2003 and 2004 – Appeared in many of the above as well as Body Talk cover and a few swimwear catalogues as a regular model and writer. Too many to list but can view tear sheets and 2004 contest photos from Fitness, Figure, Fitness Model and Obstacle here:

You can find articles written by Linda in the following magazines:
Gym Magazine
Burn Magazine
Ms. Fitness Magazine
Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine
Body Talk
Hard Fitness
And more ...
Others as requested, various issue for various mags, see tear sheets link above.


VTV Vancouver Breakfast June 7th, 1999.
Promotional for Western Canadian Bodybuilding Competition.

VTV Vancouver Breakfast August 16, 1999

Promotional for BC's.

1999 Much Music Video Awards Promotional Commercial Aug 19, 1999
Much Music Commercial Appearance as Bodybuilder
(to air end of August 1999 end of September 1999)

Much Music Electric Circus August 20, 1999
Dance show.

Up Up, And Away August 26, 1999
Played a Super hero, Vulcan Girl
Disney TV Movie due to air in January 2000.

VTV Vancouver Breakfast November 12th, 1999.
Promotional for Western Canadian Bodybuilding Competition.

Jenny Jones Taped April 7th, 2000.
Appearance as Canadian Pro Fitness Champ.

Other guest appearances at local small shows from 2000 – 2002 as well as guest performances.
2003 - off from competing this year, will be doing appearances with Team BC (
2003 – Local breakfast show talking about Fitness Team BC, appearances at local car races, shoot for car race magazines and giving trophies. Guest appearances at local GNCs during September, also worked on a few infomercials.
2004 - local breakfast news show BTV and on Urban Rush in March 2004 featured as an Elite trainer. TSN interview and coverage for the FAME event end of May. TSN 2004 FAME coverage featured Pro Fitness and Figure athlete. I have appeared with Fitness Team BC, performing for the WNSO WEST contest and on other local news and TV shows.

Other live appearances and demos have been for car races, health expos, Bodybuilding and Fitness contest feature performers over the past 10 years.

Linda is also have many features, articles and photos on the internet, simply search ‘Linda Cusmano’ for thousands of sites to find her on.

Linda is a moderator for several Fitness and Weight training forums online as well as owning a few of her own forums, Yahoo and MSN groups.



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