Women and Weight Training

4 Myths on Women and Weight Training

Guys...your wife is watching your biceps getting bigger! Is she jealous? Does she want to start "bodybuilding" but is afraid of getting TOO big? She's secretly want's that finely chiseled body, too!

Women Shoulders Development

Shoulders for a Polished Physique

The shoulder, also known as the deltoid, can be a difficult muscle to produce growth. Well-developed shoulders can enhance the rest of your physique by adding shape and making your waist appear smaller.

Shaping Arms for Women

Shaping Your Arms Essentials

Many women struggle with flabby arms. This is simply an accumulation of body fat and lack of muscle development. You can have nice shapely arms by incorporating 3 essentials.

Ms Olympia 2014 DVD

2014 Olympia Women

For the first time ever, you will receive TWO discs with over 6 hours of complete contest coverage! Includes the five women's Olympia divisions. Don't miss Iris Kyle 10-time champion celebration.

Bodybuilding and Fitness Models

Fitness Model Silvia Buehler Espiritu

Silvia Buehler Espiritu
Silvia is a certified Personal Trainer. She has helped train and coach many individuals in achieving their fitness goals through effective training and nutritional advice.

Iron Dolls Women Bodybuilding Iron Dolls
Completely transform and Sculpt your physique with precise and structured training programs for the 3 Female Body Types. Multi-level platforms allow you to identify your specific Body Type to plug in the right diet, exact training and necessary Cardio to literally start building Lean Muscle as soon as your first week

Muscle Building Mag
Mutha Fitness - Mutha Fitness is a blog to share my weight loss story so far. I'm a 30 something Mum embarking upon a journey of general health, fitness and overall wellbeing.

Fat Burning Secrets Tom Venuto: Burn The Fat
Give me just 7 days, and I'll teach you how to turbo-charge your metabolism, burn off fat (even in your mushiest spots) and transform your body into the shape you always wanted... I'll show you how to do it safely and naturally, with no weight-loss industry B.S. of any kind: no pills, no powders, no supplements, no "insane" workouts, no crash diets, no cutting carbs and no giving up your favorite foods

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